Get yourself some dropper bottles

Everybody needs a hobby. And when I say everybody, I do really mean everybody. Especially during the pandemic, everyone was scrambling for things to do in and around the house. Hiking suddenly became an activity that everybody was doing. There even was an increase in the number of golfers. Almost everything you could do by yourself saw an increase in activity. I’m somewhat proud to say that I didn’t resort to any of these ‘mainstream’ hobby’s. Cooking, baking, exercising; these hobbies were the most abundant. Meanwhile, I started to take up home decorating. I’ve always like to decorate my home. It started out very small when I was a kid. I would decorate my notebooks for example. As I got older, I started to feel like you always needed a lot of money if you wanted to properly decorate your house. But since the pandemic, I’ve learned that with a few small touches, you can completely change a room. I’ll talk about my bathroom as an example.

Get rid of all the clutter

For me, a bathroom has to be calm, quit, and free of clutter. With clutter, I mean all those different packages you see everywhere. All those ugly logos are cluttering up my whole bathroom. If you just want some peace and quite in your bathroom, start using dropper bottles and cosmetic jars. These dark, tinted jars and dropper bottles are the perfect ways to create a feeling of calmness in your bathroom. Meanwhile, you can still keep all your creams, oils, and other necessities on your shelves. But now, it looks organized. I use dropper bottles to organize my different bath oils. Dropper bottles are the perfect item to store bath oil because you can dispense it easily. You can immediately get rid of all the packages in your bathroom. It will make your bathroom a stress-free zone.

Where do I get my jars and dropper bottles?

You’d be surprised by the number of cosmetic jar wholesale companies that are nearby your home. I’ve known my local cosmetic jars wholesale company for a long time. I’ve known them for so long, that they give me a small discount. But even without the discount, these dropper bottles and cosmetic jars are perfectly affordable. They are the perfect way to cheaply transform your bathroom. These are the things I’ve learned during the pandemic. Now that’s what I call a useful hobby. 

Lorena Princevalle

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